Lower Hanging Fruit

18 Mar

Lower Hanging Fruit.

I am learning cool new/old catch phrases like that all the time at Town Council.

Acquiring ways to sum up your thoughts and emotions into a “G” rated analogy is a skill that could and should be honed in all adults.

Georgian Bay Airways has turned twelve.  So much has happened with so much yet to happen. We have added a Bush Hawk back to the flight line, made amazing partnerships with colleges, universities and flight clubs across Ontario and finally stopped having more children.  We figured out the cause.  Love them dearly, but three is more than enough for us!

Nicole Saulnier and Lindsy

Nicole Saulnier and Lindsy

Lindsy, Nicole Saulnier & Baby #1

Lindsy, Nicole Saulnier & Baby #1

As the economy is cyclical, so are the water levels on Georgian Bay.  Only three times in recorded history has the water been this low.  Wow.  Thankfully there are signs that it is currently on the rise!

We have had some comings and goings internally as well.  Lindsy, our first hire and office manager, has left us and our chaos behind for the warm embrace of the Board of Education.  Fun, intelligent and classy: we miss her already and wish her well.

Courtney Higgins, who is a baby-faced assassin (more on that in a bit) is also a long time valuable employee who has grown up with us and is now out on her own.

Opportunity knocks.  New faces and new ideas.  I look forward to working with our new people and trying to convince them that I am sane and what I do for a living is a good idea.

As always at the end of a year we had a solid staff party.  We try to do events all season long (movies, dinner, etc.) or at the very least chuck staff in Georgian Bay from time to time to let them know how much we appreciate their work and personalities.   The staff party is something special.  We really try to go all out.  Fly-in horseback riding, Fly & Hike out on Wreck Island, Canada’s Wonderland, dinner cruises and ATV tours have all been done.  Really bad golf in teams of four seems to be a favourite. 

They all enjoy paint ball too.  Let me tell you why.

Keith Saulnier All Messed Up!

Keith Saulnier All Messed Up!

Courtney Higgins

Courtney Higgins

It is a party as well as a way to say goodbye and thanks.  We split up into two teams and hammer away at each other for four hours at close range.  I have been accused in the past of using a blend of military tactics combined with hunting knowledge to an unfair advantage.  I must say that I just enjoy blasting the staff.  Oh, but they dig it too.

In the last round I fell behind a log and was pinned down on three sides.  I was being shot so many times that I could not get my mouth to utter the words “I’M OUT!”  For about thirty seconds I was lit up like a Fall Fair target.  When they finally ran out of ammo and the somewhat biased and chuckling referee entered the fray I was able to see my accoster(s).

Higgins!  The baby-faced assassin had struck.  Over twenty-five welt marks from a remarkable display of marksmanship.  All from fifteen feet away…nice Higgins.  As I write this I hope you are neck deep in exams at college! 

College will teach her that hard work, endurance and focus will bring rewards, and life will show her that it is sometimes OK to pick that lower hanging fruit.  Especially when it is your soon to be ex-boss and he falls right at your feet whilst you are holding a paint ball gun.


Keith Saulnier

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