It’s Okay To Be Me Too

28 Aug

It’s okay to be me too.

paris up topFall is in the air and it is time to get reflective. Father’s Day was a while ago and team Georgian Bay Airways actually did without Nik and I for a weekend. Having an excellent senior leadership team is critical. I only called every two or three hours.

This much-needed family bonding time was spent down in the charming community of Paris, Ontario. Nestled in between where the Nith River joins the Grand River, this town could and should be the model for all small town downtowns. Beautiful.

Pond Fishing

Orion with his catch

Ariel getting busted

Ariel getting busted

My boy took me pond fishing (we did well), while Nik took the girls to their own pond (they did well too). We picked farm fresh strawberries for pancakes (we had to pay for 21 quarts, but only took home 20). We did farm stuff. Horses are not my thing as I think they look like ugly moose. Nobody down there thought that my pondering on how they might taste to be very funny. Huh.

This all led to the inevitable self review, 2011 version. The last books I read were Three Day Road, Room and Batman verses Predator. Not bad. The release of the final Harry Potter was a summer movie highlight. Meh. Hitting the gym two to four times a week. Good. Making supper after work in time for soccer with a generic jovial outlook. Fantastic and sometimes unobtainable.

The fact that I am happy with burning knees after a run instead of shooting pains raises an eyebrow. My oldest (6) tapped my bicep from her top bunk the other night during bedtime snuggles and comments “better work on those.” I haven’t witnessed somebody blowing his or her college tuition so fast and recklessly in eighteen years (way back when I was in school). Wow Ariel.

Three Day Road the room batman vs predator

As it turns out, the weather in Parry Sound was gorgeous that weekend and the team flew all day for three days straight. I am okay with that too.

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