Back in the blogger’s chair.

08 Apr

Back in the blogger’s chair.

Boy it has been a while, but truly, a lot has gone on with the Georgian Bay Airways team that has led to the time gap.  Not sorry in the least.

Where to begin?  Juggling the business, three kids under the age of six and being a line pilot was a wonder to behold.  It only works because Nicole is as dedicated (read insane) and as passionate about what we do as I am.  The no “business talk after ten” rule has been created and desecrated on a regular basis.

The on again off again dance between general aviation and Transport Canada in regards to external loads (stuff tied to the floats) is off again.  This has played havoc with both private and commercial folks.  There is a ray of sunshine in this, as there is a possible STC (supplemental type certificate) that may pass the mustard and will put boats back on the side of bush planes where they belong.  All it takes is lots of money!

Nicole and I thought that I had far too much idle time, so, when looking around the community for a way to pitch in I decided on Town Council.  It worked out and wow is it work.  This is a whole new arena that must be tackled head on and with full concentration. I just see so many similarities with my business, tourism, and the region in general.   Funny how I turned a blind eye to the scale and scope of this endeavor, but that is another blog.  Hey, in my defense Nicole is the Chief Pilot, Operations Manager, Mummy, businesswoman, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and newly minted President of the Georgian Bay Country board.  I probably forgot an honorific or two, but honestly, who can keep track.  I should make a note to reintroduce myself to her at the end of the season.

The kids are great and I love going to soccer, skating having ended this spring.  Man I love taking them fishing…even if only off the dock for an hour. They rock and are the main reason for our collective madness.

Things we are working on include designing a boat rack for the Found, increasing the capacity and range of the airline, outpost camp(s), developing the property, bettering our product, conquering the insurmountable summit that is the cutting edge of social media, and no more kids.  Love them, though not during time outs.


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