Seaplane Endorsement

The seaplane endorsement is the perfect way to wet your toes and discover the pleasure of float flying. We will introduce you to the basics of floatplane operation, including aircraft handling in flight, on the water and at the dock.

All of our flight training is conducted in one of our two Cessna 180’s. Basic seaplane endorsements are always taken on by our senior flight crew, so you can be assured that you will have all the bases covered when you are signed off by the Chief Pilot.

Georgian Bay Airways Cessna 180 seaplane takeoffThe basic seaplane endorsement is a minimum of 7 hours flight time, including 5 take-offs and landings as sole occupant. Depending on the individual pilot, your seaplane rating can be completed in 2 or 3 days.

Our 2018 hourly rate for the C180 is $410 + HST.

We offer a floatplane rating package for $2,849.00 + HST.

The floatplane rating package includes:

6 hours of dual flight instruction
1 hour of solo circuits
ALL ground training, starting with a 2 hr ground school
The book “How to Fly Floats” by JJ Frey
Up to 3 nights (shared) accommodation at $25 per night per person

Contact GBA for more details, or fill out our GBA enrollment form and then submit your deposit by cheque or online here to get started on your float endorsement!