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2016 Season Wrapped Up

12 Nov
Cessna flying West to Georgian Bay

That’s All Folks! 2016 is in the books and Georgian Bay Airways has officially beached the fleet for the winter season. GBA was once again blessed with amazing staff who pushed through such a busy year with grace and wonderful attitudes. They really do make coming to work each day a joy for Nicole and […]

Winter Work

19 Jan
Georgian Bay Airways winter scene

Winter Work Hello from the frozen shores of Georgian Bay. As I was shoveling out the base for the third time this week, a friend stopped by and asked if I was enjoying my semi-annual winter retirement. After I threw a snow load at him the thought struck me that this topic is article worthy material. Here […]

Rainy Day on Georgian Bay

08 Jul
Raindrops on Parry Sound Harbour

On a rainy day on Georgian Bay, we share with you an amazing time lapse that pilot Matt captured last summer. Enjoy!

Heroes: The Story Behind Mark Ideson Day

04 Apr
Mark Ideson curling in Sochi

Heroes The term hero is thrown around, used regularly and has become tired. What is a hero, who defines it, and what does it mean to you? The fact is hero means something different to everyone.  In my world the term hero can be switched with the word inspiration and the sentence will still make […]

Lower Hanging Fruit

18 Mar
Georgian Bay Airways

Lower Hanging Fruit. I am learning cool new/old catch phrases like that all the time at Town Council. Acquiring ways to sum up your thoughts and emotions into a “G” rated analogy is a skill that could and should be honed in all adults. Georgian Bay Airways has turned twelve.  So much has happened with […]

It’s Okay To Be Me Too

28 Aug
Keith Saulnier

It’s okay to be me too. Fall is in the air and it is time to get reflective. Father’s Day was a while ago and team Georgian Bay Airways actually did without Nik and I for a weekend. Having an excellent senior leadership team is critical. I only called every two or three hours. This […]

There and Back Again: a Bush Pilots Tale

08 Jul

There and Back Again: a Bush Pilots Tale How we get to work, what we do there and how we get home defines my generation.  Oddly enough this strongly parallels my interpretation of a first date. I walk to work.  James bikes in, and Matt has been testing out the new kayak.  I love my […]

Back in the blogger’s chair.

08 Apr

Back in the blogger’s chair. Boy it has been a while, but truly, a lot has gone on with the Georgian Bay Airways team that has led to the time gap.  Not sorry in the least. Where to begin?  Juggling the business, three kids under the age of six and being a line pilot was […]

The Evolution of the Bromance: It’s OK to be a guy

13 Sep

Here at GBA we have a pretty strict dress code. We figure professionalism can be accentuated with a crisp uniform. It just lends to ones credibility. But, not too long ago a bunch of us decided to head on up to the Strand Twin Theater to enlighten our senses, gain some culture, and learn a […]

Ice Cream Floats

10 Aug

It is inevitable. Like the autumn leaves falling off the tree. Like the changing of the seasons. Like the slow, but steady recession of my hairline… things change. It is our one constant in this universe. The youthful, energetic fresh commercial pilot who was so eager to start the day at 4:30 AM just to […]