We operate our fleet of two Cessna 180’s (C180), a Found Bush Hawk, and a Cessna 206 amphibian out of Parry Sound harbour, that offers the friendly charm of a small town, with all the amenities of urban life. Surrounded by unique landscapes and vistas that are unparalleled.

The fabulous thing about float planes is that it opens up a world where no-one else can go. There is no need for airports or runways, just water. No other type of aircraft lets you look down, pick a likely spot on the water and touch down.


Georgian Bay Airways operates two Cessna’s 180’s, a Found Bush Hawk, and a Cessna 206 Amphibian.

YZK Cessna 180

JPY Cessna 180

KNS Found Bush Hawk

NYB Cessna 206 Amphibious